Asia Connect – Q1 2018

02 Feb 2018

The Q1 2018 issue of Asia Connect is available now. In this latest edition:


  • Our 2018 outlook for Asian equities: healthy earnings growth should leave room for gains as the global tech up-cycle drives exports, as capital continues to flow to Asia and as accommodative central bank policies support domestic demand
  • Our fixed-income outlook: local currency markets should outperform their hard currency counterparts as the US dollar comes under pressure and there is less room for spreads to narrow
  • India’s life insurance business has considerable scope to grow given the country’s favourable demographics and relatively low market penetration


  • China opens up its financial sector further, allowing foreign ownership of institutions and thus bringing in more foreign capital and market discipline to improve the sector’s risk management and corporate governance
  • The onshore equity market is changing as the focus shifts from cheap labour and massive demand potential to excellence in areas such as fintech, e-commerce and 5G
  • China’s consumption premiumisation: private consumption is shifting towards discretionary and services/experience-related consumption and becoming an increasingly important driver of GDP growth.
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