We offer a wide range of euro, sterling and US-dollar denominated money market funds as well as customised solutions.

Our euro, US dollar and sterling-denominated money market strategies are managed by our Money Market team in Paris.  Our strategies include mutual funds as well as dedicated and customised money market solutions.

BNP Paribas Asset Management and its affiliates also manage money market funds denominated in other currencies, including the renminbi. Please contact us for information on those funds.

EUR 66.6 bn

(USD 77.7 bn)

assets under management (as at 30 June 2018)

2nd largest

manager of Euro denominated money market funds


dedicated portfolio managers (as at 30 June 2018)

AAA rated

and non rated funds

  • Euro and Sterling Money Markets

    Our wide range of euro and sterling-denominated money market mutual funds includes both short-term money market funds (government, AAA-rated and non-rated) and non-short-term money market funds as defined by the European Securities and Markets Authority. We also offer customised money market solutions that respond to our institutional clients’ specific requirements in terms of liquidity/cashflow optimisation, security/risk profile and return objective.

    • One of the most stable and experienced investment teams in the money market industry, which has been working with global institutional clients and multinational companies for more than 30 years
    • Funds with a critical size that benefit from economies of scale and enable us to meet institutional clients’ specific holding ratio constraints
    • A wide range of well-diversified, highly liquid solutions that seek to preserve your capital*
    • A long track record that shows the robustness of our investment processes and our ability to add value over several economic cycles and market environments
    • Strict risk monitoring backed up by BNP Paribas, one of the leading and most robust banks in the world (A+, A2, A+)
    • A steady and conservative valuation approach combining both amortisation and marked-to-market techniques
    • Daily settlement offered on both stable and accumulating share classes
  • US Dollar Money Markets

    We offer a variety of US dollar-denominated money market solutions. They are available in pooled vehicles to non-US investors and in separate accounts to US investors. Our fund range includes both PRIME (Aaa-mf and AAAm rated) and non-PRIME, but high-quality, solutions. We managed over USD 4.7 billion in US dollar-denominated money market solutions across two distinct funds.

    Given the offshore nature of these funds, they are not subject to SEC 2a-7 money market rules, but our team manages the funds in a conservative manner that meets both SEC 2a-7 and European Commission (ESMA) rules. In many instances our guidelines are more conservative than SEC and ESMA rules, ensuring that we meet our investors’ demands for high quality, liquidity, diversification and maturity.

    Our US money market strategies can exploit a global opportunity set, although all underlying instruments are denominated in US dollars. Our portfolios are well diversified by issuer and region.

    • Focus on capital preservation and liquidity while aiming to generate a competitive yield
    • Investment horizon of up to three months
    • AAA-mf or AAAm rated funds as well as portfolios offering slightly higher yields (able to invest up to 25% in A2/P2 paper)
    • Exhaustive multi-level risk management
    • Track records dating back to 1997
    • Variety of liquidity and settlement options, with all funds offering daily liquidity