Our team is highly experienced in developing fully tailored solutions that meet the needs of pension schemes, insurance companies, corporates and other institutional investors.

Understanding your individual needs lies at the heart of our process. To develop a bespoke solution, we always start by listening to you closely to ensure we fully understand your specific challenges and investment aims.

Once we understand what you need us to do for you, we identify either a single investment service that meets your specific requirements, or a tailored multi-asset solution consisting of a combination of building blocks. These can include services such as strategic asset allocation, active asset allocation, risk budgeting, portfolio construction and risk management.

Our range of fully customised multi asset solutions includes:

  • Fiduciary Management
  • Liability-Driven Investments (LDI)
  • Dynamic Risk Management
  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Fiduciary Management

    By taking the fiduciary journey with us, you are engaging in a true working partnership where you still retain overall control.

    Institutional investors have to cope with an increasingly complex and uncertain world with many challenges. As one of Europe’s leading fiduciary providers since 2004, we have developed a wide range of customizable services designed to address these issues and help pension schemes and insurance companies meet their investment objectives.

    In our view the role of a fiduciary manager is to drive the effective and efficient design and implementation of the investment policy set by you. This is achieved as part of a strategic partnership where you ultimately maintain control.

    You can delegate as much or as little as you want, to best suit your needs – from simply working together to help define your strategic objectives, through to managing your entire portfolio, including manager selection.

    One of Europe’s leading fiduciary providers for over 12 years, offering:

    • A range of fiduciary solutions suitable for either pension schemes or insurance companies
    • A bespoke solution tailored specifically for your needs
    • A long-term, strategic partnership
    • Continuous monitoring of both your underlying investments and your funding ratio
    • Full transparency
  • Liability-Driven Investments

    We believe that an LDI investment approach gives you greater control over managing risks to your funding ratio.

    Our tailored Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) services help our pension fund clients reduce risk and improve their funding level over time so that they can meet their obligations to their members.

    We aim to hedge liabilities while seeking additional return by incorporating three key components:

    As well as offering customised solutions for large plans, we also provide pooled solutions for smaller schemes.

    • Fully customisable service to help you meet your obligations to your members
    • Aims to hedge liabilities while seeking additional return to mitigate future longevity and market risks
    • Integrated risk management
    • Fully transparent solution
  • Dynamic Risk Management

    We can create a fully customised risk management solution designed to monitor and adjust your portfolio’s risk according to your particular requirements, and manage the downside risk of your portfolio in adverse market conditions.

    We develop appropriate risk overlay solutions based on your specific risk constraints – whether these are hard constraints, such as the protection of a floor (maximum loss) or funding ratio, or softer constraints, such as maintaining your portfolio’s volatility, Value at Risk or funding ratio at a specific target level.

    Key to our approach is an initial consultation to understand your specific situation: we consider your portfolio’s strategic allocation, your investment guidelines and liquidity profile, and the regulatory and accounting context in which you operate.

    Our fully customised solutions can be either:

    • funded” – managing a portfolio in which we directly manage your underlying assets, or
    • unfunded” – risk overlay solution using derivatives to adjust the risk exposure of your underlying asset managers
  • Balanced Portfolios

    We can build a bespoke multi-asset solution to help you achieve your investment objectives.

    We can offer you a tailored balanced mandate that can incorporate your strategic asset allocation and, if necessary, help you make improvements to your benchmark.

    Alternatively, if you do not already have a pre-defined benchmark, we can build a bespoke strategic asset allocation that incorporates your specific risk-return objectives and investment guidelines.

    The relevant portfolio can be constructed using a number of different options to suit your specific needs.

    Flexibility designed around your choice of:

    • Active and / or passive funds
    • In-house and / or external funds
    • Our short-term and / or medium-term views