With Outcome-Oriented investments, you can judge manager performance based on delivering to a specific goal, rather than tracking against a benchmark (which itself could go down).

Our Philosophy

Our active asset allocation investment philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • We put emphasis on achieving clients’ overall objectives using our broad range of solutions, adapted to client’s requirements
  • We optimise the building of multi-asset portfolios by fully embedding risk and portfolio management into our process
  • We invest in a broad, diverse range of asset classes with extensive geographical exposure, increasing the potential risk-adjusted returns
  • We use a dynamic approach in order to benefit from short to medium-term market inefficiencies and to capture returns, as we believe risk premiums or asset valuations are mean-reverting over the full market cycle
  • We believe that bottom-up security selection is best left to specialist equity or fixed income managers, and in doing so allows the multi-asset team to focus entirely on asset allocation

Our Solutions

Our investment philosophy translates into 4 outcome-oriented objectives specifically designed to meet clients’ needs:

    • Cautious investment targeting positive returns whilst preserving capital
    • Focusing on capital Growth in a risk-controlled manner
    • Generating regular and stable Income
    • Sustainable investing through a multi-asset approach